Starting out in 2016…

With a new year, comes ideas of grandeur about what can be accomplished. For me, as with many, my family commitments must be kept at the forefront, therefor I will keep my quilty/sewing goals manageable. Why would I set goals? To give focus to what I want to accomplish. What do I want to accomplish? Sewing quilts (really only one large quilt because that is about all I can manage to produce in a year) from my own design for one, and to hone my own quilty style. I want to explore quilt design using Adobe Illustrator and possibly develop a full pattern. I will be eagerly following Meadow Mist Design‘s Pattern Writing Blog Series.

There will be a sprinkling of other sewing goals, including trying-out tutorials, making for gifts and possibly some garment sewing action! I am using this goal tracker sheet from EliseJoy.com‘s shop to make sewing happen daily!

Stay tuned for more…



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