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Christmas Quilting…Already?

One of my goals for the year is to sew daily. I have been using Elise Joy’s goal tracker and haven’t missed a day yet! Hahaha, its less than two weeks into January. In order to set myself up for success, I do a bit of planning for the next sewing day and like to leave a project at an exciting place to come back to. But I finished the project I was working on and didn’t plan for the next day…yikes, failing my goal already. Never fear though, staying up way too late thinking about sewing to the rescue! I decided to work a bit on an on-going scrappy project – a quarter log cabin Christmas quilt.

This is inspired by Cheryl Arkison’s Orange is for Nerds Quilt. And I’m totally planning to jump on the big stitch quilting bandwagon to finish it up.

I set out to make one block for my daily sewing, but by golly it was so much fun I made two! Here is my progress so far (9/16). Final auditioning of block placement and potentially adding another round of logs, all in the same fabric, to come once I have met my block goal.


Weekly sewing round-up:



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