Works in progress...

My Sewing Machine is BROKEN…

My sewing machine is broken…well needs serviced. It is making a terrible noise so I’ve packed it up so I don’t use it and make things worse. I sew on a Janome JS 1022, its an entry level machine but does the trick. Unless you are trying to sew a quilted layer, Bosal foam layer, 4 layers of Essex linen, zipper tape and double-fold binding all at the same time – then we’ve got an issue.

What about my Daily Sewing goals? I’ve decided to do some hand embroidery to fill the gap. Have you checked out Wild Olive’s blog yet? Do, its so worth it. She has many, many, many cute designs to inspire a new hobby.

This little freebie from her popped up in my Instagram feed! The cutest little heart I have ever seen! This is what I’ve decided to do with it…

Exploded view

I embroidered the lazy daisy flowers and decided to fill in the coffee cup motif and just leave the little face peeking out. Since my machine is on holiday, I cut out some pieces based on S.O.T.A.K Handmade’s Color Block Pouch (up-sizing the depth of the pouch to accommodate my little piece of handwork) and will piece it together when everything is in working order.


Weekly sewing round-up:

  • This little number above!
  • Started big-stitch hand-quilting on the ugliest quilt ever ;P!



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