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My Machine is BACK…

Yahoo, I picked my sewing machine up from the spa on Tuesday!!! Now I can get to sewing all of those projects I cut up while waiting.

To help while away the time, I did a bit of design on Adobe Illustrator (Ai), watched all the Periscopes about quilting/creating that I could find and eagerly read and dreamed about Meadow Mist Design’s Pattern Writing Series. Also hand-quilted on the ugly quilt and went crazy in ever sense of the word.

The first and second installment of the pattern writing series have occurred. First week was introductions and the list of contributors looks smashing, second week was design inspiration. I drew up a little design a while ago that I would like to turn into a full pattern and offer it up here. Riffing on the traditional Snowball and Nine Patch is what I want to explore design wise for this year. I want to see where I can take it, or where it takes me perhaps. Probably won’t be anything new, radical or different because I think everything has been done before. Below is the button for the pattern writing series, check it out!

Pattern Writing Blog Series
The first thing I was itching to sew was 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 1 that I had cut out of 6.5 oz denim. I stumbled upon Sonya Philip on Instagram somehow and was totally smitten with her indie clothing patterns. Her hashtag #handmadewardrobechronicles is so lovely and inspirational! I tried my finished dress on and my little dude says I look like a princess! I’mma wear ‘dis everyday :)!
IMG_2517 edited.jpg
Next, I wanted to try out my little four-set of flying geese I drew on Ai to be made into a zippy-pouch for a little gifty. Here is a printable template for your paper-piecing delight!
IMG_2524 edited
Some of my stash got cut up into my first iteration of Snowball Nine Patch. I couldn’t wait any longer, it just had to happen. Here is my drawing and one corner of the quilt! Using Ai, I drew up a coloring page and immediately this ring shape jumped out. I took it over to Photoshop and auditioned some color and the rest is history, almost. The traditional structure of each block has not been altered, only color placement.

Weekly sewing round-up:

  • projects seen above!



6 thoughts on “My Machine is BACK…

  1. I love your blog. Think you have found another outlet for your creativity and I am so proud of you. I need a jumper like you made. Must look for one.


    1. Thank you Grandma! This jumper is fantastic!!! I have it on now and feel like dancing. It’s hard to nurse in, but that won’t last forever!!! See you soon!


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