Works in progress...

Artists retreat…

I’m at my artist’s retreat! Hurray!!! Really we are visiting my folks, but it’s non-stop chatter about hobbies, making/creating. Being here totally feeds my soul and renews me so I can return home with a new perspective.

Some projects made their way into my luggage. I finished sewing the rows together on this little number.

One of the blocks inadvertently got sewn together wrong. I told myself at the time it was fine and would leave the funny configuration in the quilt. Then I stopped working on it…for 43 weeks. The block got ripped out, sewn back together properly and a quilt top was born!
 Scrappy low-ish volume backgrounds are where it’s at for me! I’m not done with them, or striped binding and spiral quilting. Which may be the way I finish this quilt as well.

Was 2015 the year of the ‘chunky plus’ quilt? I mean, not the only quintessential 2015 quilt, but one of them?

Weekly sewing round-up:

  • Chunky Plus quilt
  • embroidered pouch
  • 5 more tiny nine patch pinnies
  • binding on zippered case



6 thoughts on “Artists retreat…

  1. Hi Amanda
    I’m commenting on an old post because you are coming up as a no reply blogger.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my post, it was kind of you. My plan is to make more pieces on the theme and join them, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. My aim is about 50-60 inches but we will see, I’m going to just ‘know’ when it’s finished. I’ll look forward to seeing your quilted piece and how you approach it.


    1. Thank you Kate for taking the extra time to reply! I really need to take the time to figure out the no reply thing.


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