Finished works...

What is ROYGBV and Indigo all over…

This zippy pouch, that’s what! I used my birthday money to acquire this buttery-soft rainbow of Michael Miller Cotton Couture from Zoey & Bean online. I paired it with some denim I had kicking around and voila, instant birthday gifts for the kids in my life.

IMG_2614 edited

When I think of gift-giving, I always want to give handmade and BIG. Then I think about the reality of it, and things change from ‘BIG ain’t gonna happen’ to ‘something small and everyone is getting the same thing’. Sometimes my handmade things work out, sometimes they are a complete flop. I will sweeten this pot with some extra goodies for these little people. Like these little animals, which happen to be a hot commodity at grandma and grandpa’s house.

IMG_2629 edited

This little red pouch has a rainbow of friends just waiting to be sewn up…

IMG_2619 edited

To be honest, I haven’t been very motivated to write lately, I am having a bit of trouble coming up with content. When I think about why I read other peoples’ blogs it usually comes down to I’m a bit nosy and am curious as to what other people are working on. For now I think most of my content will be just that, what I’m currently working on.

Weekly sewing round-up:

  • Skinny Pincushion for #skinnypincushionswap! I may have made 5 already.
  • A few granny squares for #springcrochetswap. Who knew that these little squares could be so satisfying to make! I have always enjoyed the process of crocheting.
  • Double Star bee block and Star Dust block for #truenorthbee.
  • I finished piecing the ‘Open’ flimsy. Now to finalize the pattern and ask for some pattern proofing!



4 thoughts on “What is ROYGBV and Indigo all over…

    1. Thank you Sylvia! I was hoping to generate more opportunities for photography with my handmade things. My kids aren’t cooperative subjects anymore.


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