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Sew Together Bag…

I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while, checking out the #sewtogetherbag on Instagram, stalking tutorials all over the internet and coming back to the pattern time and time again. I finally took the plunge, purchased the pattern by Sew Demented from Craftsy and got on my merry-making way.IMG_2631edited

What a fun build this was. Fiddly at times, but well worth the effort. I used the sew-along from The Quilt Barn to guide me along, only changing some of the stitch-in-the-ditch binding to hand-stitching.

IMG_2633 edited

I decided to use interfacing on the outside panel instead of quilting it, thinking this might be an easier first attempt for my sewing machine. The reversed denim has a bit of weight to it so makes for a sturdy enough bag. I learned two invaluable tricks that I will take forth in my next bag-making endeavor. Firstly, you can use your walking foot to install zippers (learned that from The Quilt Barn tutorial). Lastly, if a seam is quite bulky you can pound it into submission with a hammer (probably on top of a phone book). This might solve all of my 3-dimensional sewing dilemmas. In conversation with my dad today, he said that he knew you could pound out bulky seams. So, what else do you know dad? I need to know.

Here are two more glamour shots…

IMG_2641 editedIMG_2639 edited

Along with this making, I have been listening to an audio book titled  Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert (it comes in print too and I will probably have to borrow it because I absorb more with visuals). I am learning a few insights about myself and my compulsion to create. And, that maybe I come from a long line of makers, and maybe my current bag making compulsion has a link to this long line of makers. Two of these makers, my father and grandfather, both have/had a peculiar thing they liked to make. Or, maybe were compelled to make or the things were made to fill the time or, or, or… These items were boxes, boxes made for things that already came in a box. Maybe that’s why I like to make bags, and pouches and baskets. My father and grandfather work/ed in wood, I chose fabric, all are fibers. Much more is to be learned and revealed about living a creative life from Big Magic, I will listen on!

I just wanted to do a quick ramble about how lovely this bag is, and so I’ve done it.



4 thoughts on “Sew Together Bag…

  1. Great bag!

    I laughed out loud at that bit about your dad knowing what to do with bulky seams…you need to have to have a talk with him about witholding important information😉


    1. I think he probably has absorbed a few more things than I give him credit for! He used to perm my grandma’s hair! I’m sure there’s important knowledge right there 😜!

      Liked by 1 person

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