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Quilting dilemma…

The quilting has been started on my Open top. I sketched out my idea, it looked good so I got to work. Using straight lines and my walking foot, I planned to quilt two kitty-corner quadrants with lines 1/2 inch apart and echo the other two quadrants with lines 1 inch apart.

IMG_2642 edited.jpg

The process is not going smoothly, which for me affects how happy I am with the final product.  Truthfully, every time a process does not go smoothly I stop dead in my tracks until I can either convince myself it is fine or I decide to rip the whole thing out and start over. The shifting fabric near the apices of the echoed portion bugs me, its getting ripped out. All of it is getting ripped out.

I don’t mind taking another stab at the quilting, its almost like getting a two-for-one (more making time on one project). My initial gut reaction was to quilt this one with a spiral, what a surprise! But I think it would help to tie all of the ring-motifs together and the texture created is amazing. So I will take it to my mom’s and start the spiral on her big machine.

Weekly sewing round-up:

  • pattern testing!!!



4 thoughts on “Quilting dilemma…

    1. Thank you Ioleen for your comment 😊!!! I haven’t got my quilting process down to a science yet and usually have to rip everything out at least once for every quilt. I wonder if I should make a maquette and practise there. Cheers!


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