Garment Bucket List…

I’m back from another little holiday at my folks’. I quilted, sewed, played, ate and visited! Just good for the soul.

My post this week will be more of a theoretical one. Although I am still sewing daily, I haven’t been producing like I was before. Some of my projects are in a holding pattern as I have created barricades in my mind as to why I can’t finish them. More pondering will need to be done to rectify some of the issues, maybe some fabric hacking up too. Today I just want to share a little bit of my bucket list for garments I would like to make.

The following is my experience using patterns and is my opinion written from my perspective… Although I have not made a lot of garments, I have been mostly sewing using indie patterns. I picked up one Big 4 pattern and boy-o is there a huge difference. Indie patterns offer more hand holding, illustrations, step-by-steps and details that elevate your garment from homemade to handmade. Skills used for quilting only get you so far!

So onto my bucket list:

My current handmade wardrobe stats:

  • one 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 1 finished
  • one 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 1, half-finished

My kids’ current handmade wardrobe stats:

  • two Made By Rae Geranium Dresses
  • four pairs of Max and Meena’s Maxaloones in various sizes
  • one McCall’s M6548 Dinosaur Shirt, with snaps not buttons

I will have to devise some sort of manageable pace to get some of these garments knocked off my bucket list.

Quilting Jet Girl recently had a good post about Staying on the Bus which kind of resonated with me. Originally, I had thought that I wanted to work towards a singular focus – the quilting bus. Specifically working from patterns I have designed myself with all side projects cut out of the picture. Reflecting on this idea more and my four months making track record show that maybe this is not the case for me. My bus will now become the making all the things with fabric bus, and a bit of yarn in there too.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings this go around!

Two-week sewing round-up:



6 thoughts on “Garment Bucket List…

  1. Few people are lucky enough to decide what is for them straight off, most of us try lots of things first, it’s all part of the journey that make life so interesting. Just enjoy your journey, wherever it takes you.


    1. Thank you Kate for your comment! I often have conflict when I think I ‘should’ be doing something vs when I ‘want’ to do something. Sometimes I just have to roll with the punches and come back around to things when I ‘want’ to do them. I’m excited to be on this blogging journey with so many encouraging people!


    1. They are not as challenging as they appear. Indie pattern designers make the transition to garments pretty easy. Also, I have started with very simple pieces which helps to build some confidence.


  2. Hi. I’m Velda from and it looks like we are both fortunate enough to be on this journey together. I am so excited to be part of this New Bloggers group.


    1. Hi Velda! I am now super excited to be part of this New Bloggers group! All of the participants seem really wonderful and welcoming so far!


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