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Orange and Pink…

I signed up for 2016 New Quilt Bloggers this go-around and am excited that I got accepted as my blog does not always feature quilting. So far, there have been many introductions on the Facebook group and I sense a very encouraging community developing.

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

The current bee blocks for the #truenorthbee were lots of fun to make. I made as many as I could with what I had in my stash, which was not much as I have a hard time keeping low-volumes stocked in my stash. One block in particular inspired me to pull something from my stash and try a few more out.Tic Tac Toe was the name of the game for one of the queen bees, the tutorial from Blossom Heart Quilts can be found here.

This is what I pulled…

IMG_2722 editedIMG_2717 edited

The solids are Kona Orange, Melon and Coral, the prints are from Camelot and Moda. My little brain was intrigued. It said, ‘wow, this is so different and outrageous for me.’ And then I really got to thinking, ‘no its not, I’ve done this color combination before.’

IMG_2724 edited

This was made for my daughter as her baby blanket. I used Jaybird Quilts’ Radio Way pattern and all of the oranges and pinks in my scrap bin at the time, which cleaned me right out of the above colors. Inspiration was drawn from my mom’s effort to fortify her stash with pink and orange, so I followed suit. Albeit, the pink is more coral the second time around.

Here is my little fabric pull made into Tic Tac Toe blocks…

IMG_2718 editedIMG_2721 edited

Yes, I think this will be a thing…eventually.




19 thoughts on “Orange and Pink…

    1. Thank you Hannah! I never had purchases orange before, only used what had been gifted to me. I totally lumped orange with brown and greens in the ‘never will be in a quilt I make’ category. But now I’m coming around.

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      1. Yes me too, I’m not really an autumn colour type of girl, but yes orange and pink is the way to go. I actually have been sorting through my fabric and found a FQ of brown, instantly confused me. Why do I have this? About 95% of my fabric is pink, blue or green. Seriously, my bed is the most colourful thing I own! πŸ™‚

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  1. Love the colour combo. Orange is my go to colour as of late. I belong to the Birthday Bonus Club. It was started by Jenn at a Quarter Inch From The Edge. My birthday is this month so I will be receiving 27 x 50 2 1/2″ squares of assorted oranges. There are 7 birthdays this month. I cut and mailed 300 squares, different colours etc. If you need a few squares of orange just let me know.


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