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Quilty Hugs for New Baby…

We got some happy news lately, a new baby will join the family. So as quilters do, my sister and I whipped up a baby quilt top.


We used the Tic Tac Toe bee hive block on Blossom Heart Quilts’ blog again as it is such a lovely block to sew up. All of the seams can be pressed in a way that they can be butted-up again one another for accurate piecing. This block is a modified Nine Patch, so once all of the stitch and flip triangles are pieced, sewing each block together is a breeze. I’m totally sold on this block as you can see.

Now for the quilting. How might you quilt this sweet little top?



11 thoughts on “Quilty Hugs for New Baby…

  1. How fun to work on something like this with your sister. You did a great job! Beautiful color choices.
    I see it with a vertical straight stitch all the way through.
    The other comments on here are great ideas too! Have fun with it!


    1. Thank you Jen for your comment. I think I am leaning towards straight lines because I know I can actually do them, kind of. My usual quilting routine includes blowing off my gut-instinct and starting quilting some hair-brained pattern. Then ripping it all out in order to quilt what I originally thought was best. I’m really trying to get away from all that ripping.


    1. Thank you Sarah! I probably won’t get to quilting it for a while as baby isn’t due until November. So I have lots of time to plan the quilting. Every time I try something out of my comfort zone, I rip it out and do what I know. Hopefully I can push myself a little bit on this quilt.


    1. Thank you for your comment Paige. And thank you for your quilting ideas. I currently have zero free motion skills, but now have access to a longarm machine when I want. I am excited to explore more quilting possibilities. I really like the meandering idea between the Xs. I wonder if I quilt the free-motion stuff on the longarm and straight lines with my walking foot if I will have success.


    1. Thank you Sylvia. It was fun to ask Whitney for her colour input as she does have a distinct colour perspective. I was going to throw in a bright and vibrant blue and she said not too, which I think was the right direction to go.


  2. What a lovely and calm quilt. I really like that you worked on it with your sister, too. I think I would definitely stitch in the ditch around the “x” portion of the block to help it stand out, and trapunto to help them puff and be textured for the baby might be fun, too.


    1. Thank you Yvonne for your comment. And for your quilting thoughts! I had never thought of trapunto and this might be a good place to learn as this is a small project! The opportunity to learn something new will help keep motivated to finish this quilt before baby becomes a teenager! Thanks again Yvonne!

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