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A Quilt Pattern…finally

Happy day!!! I have finished my first quilt pattern. Here is a copy just for you! The quilt is called ‘Open’ and is a modern take on a traditional Snowball 9-Patch. Instructions are included for a lap size quilt finishing at 63″ by 63″ and a baby size quilt finishing at 45″ by 45″ for those oh so modern babies out there.

The pattern has been proofed by another very generous quilter. She gave me lots of actionable feedback that was perfect and turned my pithy instructions into a pattern that quilters could make a quilt from. A million thanks to her!

Below are some glamor shots of this brand new quilt.

IMG_2887 edited

I used this quilt as an opportunity to throw in all of my current favorite fabrics. That Newsprint yardage by Zen Chic for Moda is my absolute fave in the background department. It may not have been low-volume enough for this project, but I didn’t care because I love it so much.

IMG_2875 edited

These happy little kitty faces pop up every so often on the binding. A fun little surprise for anyone cuddling this quilt on their lap.

IMG_2877 edited

I decided to spiral quilt this lovely; spiral quilting seems to be my go-to machine quilting technique. The texture that is created is so wonderful its hard to keep your hand off. I used my Spiral Quilting Template to get the spiral started; it makes a neat little start if i do say so myself.

IMG_2903 edited

One last shot just for fun and well hey, most of the time this is the way this quilt will look. All crumpled up and getting loved.

I hope you enjoy perusing my pattern and if you happen to make one I would love to see it. You can tag me on Instagram using @thismomquilts or tag your quilt using #openquilt.



24 thoughts on “A Quilt Pattern…finally

    1. Thank you for stopping by Daniela! I’m glad you found me and I’m glad I found you. I am going to hop over to your blog when I have a free minute. Cheers!


    1. If you ever want to write a pattern for your Modern Rectangle quilt, I would love to help get it out in the world.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this pattern. It is so beautiful and the picture on the pattern PDF is total perfection. I like the idea of the accent color that gave the quilt just the right amount of pop. I am still a long way to designing a pattern because I don’t have the KNOW-HOW yet but your first one really does look professional like Pennylanequilts said. Congrats and thanks for including the link to the Spiral template. I already know I’ll make this quilt at some point…will certainly keep you posted!


    1. Thank you again for the comment Olusola! Reading these comments really make my day! I would certainly love to see what you make with the pattern! Your flair for color is spectacular!


  2. Amanda, your pattern looks quite professional! I love that you included a coloring page, as well as alternate sizing. I made a snowball nine peach long ago. It was very traditional and used 30s repro fabrics. You really gave this pattern a modern facelift!


    1. Thank you Marla. I quickly learned how to use Adobe Illustrator from Daisy who blogs at Ants to Sugar on a periscope one day. I really enjoyed doing the illustrations, it’s like another creative outlet and hopefully my next pattern will come together quicker.


    1. Thank you Yvonne! I had hoped to release this pattern after the Pattern Writing Series you gals hosted wrapped up but it didn’t happen. I wanted to have a finished quilt to show on the pattern so it took a while to get there. I learned a lot and think I will just dive right into another pattern. I do have a question for you Yvonne. When did you start selling you patterns? Specifically, did you publish a few tutorials and free patterns before selling, or just jumped right into selling your patterns?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Yvonne for your reply! That sounds like a lovely way to go about it, just jump right on!


  3. Ok. WOW! Seriously, that’s all I can say. What a stunner of a quilt! Beautifully crafted and presented (as always 😄)! A wonderful modern design formed from more traditional techniques. You are very creative, and oh so generous to share your first quilt pattern with all of us!


    1. Wow Sylvia! Thank you for you kind words!!! I will pop your things in the mail some time next week. You have amazing communication skills seriously!


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