Five Things Friday...

Five Things Friday…

This is my first ever Five Things Friday post and am linking up to Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.! Click on her button below to read more!

Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.

I have used Barbara Ann Kipfer’s website Things to be Happy About to pick five things that really do make me smile. Head over to her website and click on the Happy House to get a list of things to be happy about; refresh the webpage to get a new list.

Five things to be happy about…

1) making it past the halfway point
2) onion on hamburger
3) peaceful work relations
4) Christmastide, immediately before and after Christmas
5) thick coffee, rich with cream

Three photo round-up…because the week got away from me. I thoroughly enjoyed a pre-work photo walk and some unexpected glitter-mustache-making-time with my little dude.

IMG_2955 editedIMG_2960 edited

IMG_2965 edited



12 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

    1. Thank you Jennifer for stopping by! I am enjoying this opportunity to think about documenting things that make me smile each week. That little boy often makes me smile as does his little sister!


    1. Thank you Amanda. I will bring my camera around with me this weekend and start working on next Friday’s post. I sat at the computer and click refresh quite a few times to read as many things to be happy about as I could. I chose ones that spoke to me, well made me smile. Thank you for promoting positivity and being happy!!!

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    1. Thank you Sue. I tried to have my camera out more but I blinked and it was Friday already. I’m back to work full time now so will have to make time on the weekends to do more shooting.


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