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TBT…Sweet Little Quilt

IMG_3070 edited

I finished this tiny quilt in 2014! I made it so I could take a learn to long-arm class while my family at the time was away for 10 days. It took me 45 minutes to long-arm and I have unfortunately not been back since.

IMG_3077 edited

I stashed the paper doll fabric long enough so decided to use it for the backing. Also, I used industrial strength Velcro brand hook and loop tape to adhere the quilt to the wall for photographing. None of the adhesive transferred to the quilt which was fantastic and I will definitely be trying this on more quilts. I pinched this idea from a fellow quilter on Instagram whom I currently cannot remember. If it is you, would you kindly leave me a comment so I can give you all the glory! I pinched this idea from Sue who blogs at Sevenoaks Street Quilts. Check out this blog post for more information on how to use the Velcro.

IMG_3087 edited

IMG_3079 edited

Hearts are my favorite motif so that is what I attempted to quilt on this quilt using a pantograph. My first heart was atrocious, my last heart was the best.

IMG_3081 edited

Quilt Stats:

  • Pattern – Wonky Log Cabin
  • Pieced, long-armed and bound by me
  • Finished in 2014
  • Size – 32″ square
  • Not made for anyone in particular



11 thoughts on “TBT…Sweet Little Quilt

    1. Sue’s use of Velcro is genius! I’ll be scouting more outdoor locations to take interesting photos of my quilts as well!!! Thank you Jen for your comment.


    1. Thank you Sharon for your comment. I enjoy using some of my favorite hoarded fabric! Then I can enjoy them every time I use a quilt.


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