Five Things Friday...

Five Things Friday…

Hello again! Here is another post about things to be happy about. You can check out Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.’s blog for more things!!! Click on her button below.

FTF pink jpg

I have chosen 5 random things from Barbara Ann Kipfer’s website Things to be Happy About that really do make me smile. Head over to her website and click on the Happy House to get a list of things to be happy about; refresh the webpage to get a new list.

1) bright gold sun to paint the hours with happiness

2) turkey potpie with flaky crust

3) doing nothing for two minutes

4) filling a house with equal parts of love, hope, and peace

5) growing sweet peas


Three photo round-up…things that make me smile! The week again slipped away from me very quickly. I think though this may be the way I balance things, do some not all.

IMG_3087 edited.jpg
Being able to hang my quilts on exterior walls for photo shoots all by myself makes me really smile.
IMG_3029 eited
This guy’s complete love for sand makes me smile!
IMG_3068 edited
And sweet babies in sunhats!!!

Happy FriYAY!!!




10 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

    1. Thanks Sue for your comment. I’m having a hard time balancing and am getting a bit cranky with out my creative time. I think when the blog hop is over, I will again have a bit more time for myself.


  1. Velcro is So many uses. That sweet baby in the sunhat, oh my, and sand. I don’t miss the days of emptying sand out of shorts and shoes, but I do wish mine were small enough to sit in the sandbox again! Enjoy these days. My five on Friday list will go up a bit later, today. It’s just that kind of day!

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    1. Thank you Tami for stopping by. Man that sand gets everywhere. My little guy complains if one grain of sand is in his shoes, but doesn’t seem to mind a whole sandbox full. Funny guy! It will be a sun hat sort of summer around here! I will check out your link once it’s up!!!


    1. I have good memories of sweet peas from my childhood. They smell so lovely and I can still remember that smell. It smells like simpler times and fresh summer.


    1. Thank you Marla!!! I am back to work full-time now and am having trouble getting my creative time in. I want to do it all, but some will have to do in this case.

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