Five Things Friday...

Five Things Friday…

Welcome everyone! Here is another post about things to be happy about. You can check out Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.’s blog for more things!!! Click on her button below.
FTF pink jpg

This is two weeks of happy at my house! I’ve decided to include my 5 favorite photo round-up this go-around. Something that I can be rather happy about is using the camera on my phone because the picture quality is just perfect and I carry it everywhere.

We had some out-of-town visitors for the long-weekend which helped to lift our spirits. However, I did not get any photos of those lovely people but have a lasting memory of laughing to tears in a restaurant brought on by a rude gesture. And some very good conversation!!!

Now on to the photos…

IMG_4232 edited
This guy’s approval of train rides make me smile!
IMG_4234 edited
And stopping to smell the roses!
IMG_4308 edited
This cheery wee-one who can stand propped up but can’t go anywhere, now that makes me smile!
IMG_4300 edited
Getting my sew-jo back and picking up an old project makes me smile and the slow hand-stitching soothes my soul.
IMG_4301 edited
An impromptu stop into the library to score these epic finds makes me all-kinds of smile :)!

Enjoy your weekend!



14 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

    1. Thanks Amanda! Nancy Crow wrote this book about many of her quilts. Lots of eye candy and inspiration. I’m enjoying a bit of hand sewing on the bus commute to work and break times.

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