Five Things Friday...

Five Things Friday…

Well its Friday already, where did that week go? My weeks are filled with family routine, but this week I had a welcome quilting ‘interruption’ and we had some farmer’s market fun.

Hop on over to Gypsy Moon Quilting Co. to see Amanda and others’ happy!!!
FTF pink jpg

I compiled a list of things to be happy about this week from Barbara Ann Kipfer’s Things to be Happy About.

  1. When the airplane takes off and lands
  2. A flash of overwhelming joy
  3. Watching documentaries all day
  4. Being so proud you could burst
  5. The joy of the journey
Learning a new technique that looks really fun to explore makes me quite happy. Check out A Quilter’s Table to learn about the crosscutting technique and perhaps participate in her #crosscutquiltalong.
This kid’s no-fear attitude about trying whatever he can makes me smile.
Getting flowers from my special little guy makes me smile and cry!



14 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

    1. Thanks Amanda! Your mini will be lovely! I had to rearrange the cut up grid until it made a grid again. Funny, as it started out as a perfect grid 😜.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tami! The cross-cut mini quilt was so fun to make. I’m going to jump over to you blog to see the Fair happenings!


  1. What wonderful memories you are making and recording Amanda. Love your blog and always look forward to the next one. The cross cutting looks like fun and I hope to try it as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Grandma for stopping by. That cross-cutting technique is lots of fun as can see myself using it on other quilt blocks. It would be fun to make and appliqué things over the blocks. Have a good long-weekend.


    1. Thanks Stephanie for stopping by! I’m going to hop around tonight looking at the other happy posts! Have a wonderful weekend!


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