Five Things Friday...

Five Things Friday

Happy FriYAY! Smiles all around here! Click on the button below to navigate over to Amanda’s blog to read about her smiles and look at her always-gorgeous photography. Look in the comment section for links to more smiles.

FTF pink jpg

My big brother and his kids are here for a visit! Some hand-stitching has gone on as well as plenty of playing with cousins and some fun outings! I am thoroughly happy that I can connect with my brother and our kids can play together and build relationships.

Below is my 3-photo round-up:

This little picture makes me smile for some reason. I’m not sure if its the color palette or decay, something though.
Helping a little one to sew, pure joy!
IMG_3199 edited.jpg
Family really makes me smile! Spending time with my big bro and niece and nephew fills my heart!



10 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

    1. Thank you Grandma. Leah is really loving having her cousins around. She has been playing with them and trying to feed Kari. Will asked where Princess Leah was. Very cute.


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