Facet+Plus QAL

F+P Block Piecing Part 2

Welcome back to the next installment of QAL instructions. How are things coming along? The progress shots I have seen thus far are fantastic!

This week’s sewing instructions are the same as last week but we will be sewing the light color fabric blocks this time around. Click here to review the sewing instructions if you would like. If you are making the Baby Size Quilt, you will piece the same amount of blocks as you did for the dark color fabric. If you are making the Lap Size Quilt you will piece less blocks.

Click on the quilt size below for a handy-dandy cheat sheet with required amounts of units and blocks to make for each quilt size.

*Baby Size Quilt
*Lap Size Quilt

*The colors in the handy-dandy cheat sheet do not represent the color of fabric used to piece each unit. But rather groups the pieces together that are needed to make up each unit.

Below is an illustration of the light color fabric block we will be piecing.

Facet + Plus Block Light

Here is a quick progress shot of the blocks I made. Not all of the blocks are included because I didn’t follow the instructions for the rest ;p.

IMG_3207 edited.jpg

Happy piecing.



7 thoughts on “F+P Block Piecing Part 2

  1. I completely screwed up and sewed and trimmed them so I can’t salvage it. 😦 on the bright side I have pieces that I can play around with on my design wall.

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  2. Hi Amanda! Looking forward to working on this more this week…thanks for the neat pattern! Also…I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. I couldn’t find your email to notify you, so go to my blog and you will see the instructions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sharon for the nomination. I am just getting back to the blog today. Things get overwhelming quickly if you don’t work on it a little bit at a time. Hope to have my post up today or tomorrow! Cheers.


    1. That is wonderful Amanda! I am so behind on this blogging thing now, just catching up while hubby sleeps in. I am super pumped to see everyones’ interpretations.

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