2016 Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

Welcome to my stop on the 2016 Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop! A gorgeous bundle of  Cloud9 Fabrics Cirrus Solids, curated by Yvonne @Quilting Jet Girl, Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs and Stephanie @Late Night Quilter was generously sent out by Cloud9 for all of us to play with. And may I say, what a lovely eye for color these gals have!

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Where do you find inspiration? I happened to be fresh out so turned to Logo Modernism by Jens Muller and Julius Wiedemann (Ed.) to see what I could drum-up. Seeming to be on a plus-kick (I hope pluses hold out for a bit longer), I wanted to see this 3-D plus come to life in quilt form. This block is very straight forward and is simply a modified 16-patch, however has lots of graphic impact!

Below is an image of the Berry Harvest palette from which I have chosen 3 of the 5 colors to work with in my block. *I have a confession to make, I mucked up my mailing address and my bundle did not arrive before the blog hop started. The fabrics I used in the image of my finished blog are not the lucious  Cloud9 fabrics but stand-in fabrics for color at best.* Confession over…back to the blog post. To re-create the block in another palette, solid or otherwise, choose a background fabric along with a light and dark value fabric.


Pattern Notes
  • The block pattern is written using a 0.25″ seam allowance.
  • Width of Fabric (WOF) measures 20″, based on the fat quarters we received for this blog hop.
  • The finished block made using this tutorial measures 12″x12″  (12.5″x12.5″ unfinished).
  • Refer to this blog post by Gypsy Moon Quilt Co. for a lovely tutorial on making HSTs (2, 4 and 8 at a time). For this block tutorial, we will make 2 HST units per 4″ square of fabric for a total of 4 HST units.
Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

Fabric Requirement 3-D Plus

Block Illustration

3-D Plus Block.jpg

Block Piecing Instructions

Step 1: Piece the Half Square Triangle (HST) Units

  • Mark 4″ background squares corner to corner
  • Pin the marked squares (right sides together) on top of the 4″ dark color squares
  • Sew 1/4″ seam allowance on either side of marked line
  • Cut on marked line to yield 2 HST units per square
  • Press HST units
  • Trim HST units to 3.5″ square

Step 2: Piece Block Together

  • Layout block according to illustration above
  • Sew squares together in each row
  • Sew rows together

Voila! You’ve got a shinny new block!

3-D Plus Quilt Mock-up Final

To make the Baby Size quilt use the block size (12″x12″ finished) in the tutorial. For the Lap Size Quilt, up-size the block to 15″x15″ finished. And to make the Queen Size Quilt, use humongous blocks that finish at 24″x24″. Click here for a fun coloring page!

All of the quilt blocks being made by the bloggers for this New Block Hop are being sent to host Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs to be assembled into charity quilts! Check out the other bloggers below to see the lovely blocks they have designed.

*Permalinks have been update September 9th, 2016*

Host: Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl
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Enjoy hopping around!